Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Prior to cleaning, kitchen equipment is covered with plastic. Once filters are down and system is accessed, we start by soaking the entire system with a powerful degreaser. We then pressure wash all interior surfaces of fans, hoods, and entire length of ductwork with hot water and pressure ranging from 1000-2000 psi. All grease and water is safely collected and disposed of into grease traps. Filters are washed and reinstalled. Once completed, fans are turned on for their immediate use. Before & After pictures are taken and your staff is shown the completed work.

Don’t make the same mistake others have. Most Duct Cleaning companies scrape as far as the arm can reach but rarely power-wash the entire duct system! This leaves you with a NFPA violation and potential Fire Hazard! You may think your exhaust system is being cleaned thoroughly every time, but chances are it’s not! Your facility deserves better. Others try to Hide what you Should see, we Show you what’s Hidden. We may not be the cheapest, but our service is definitely value-added. Over 30 local hotels trust the industry leader. Our company has over 8,500 clients, 14 years and a perfect BBB A+ rating. Let us give you the piece-of-mind that your kitchen exhaust systems are being maintained properly and to NFPA standards.