AC Air Coil Cleaning

If your AC system stopped cooling effectively, it might be due to dirty coils. At Vent Pros Inc. we know that dirty coils are usually the first cause for AC systems to work erratically, causing a drop of over 30% in its cooling efficiency.

The air-conditioned coil collects dirt over the years of service of the equipment but has to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained on a yearly basis to avoid the risk of malfunction due to dirt and dust accumulation. Dirt oftentimes reduces air flow insulating the coil and reducing the ability to absorb heat.

An inefficient cooling system is always the cause of high energy bills and a reduction in the lifespan of the equipment.

At Vent Pros Inc., we can help you address these issues  and improve the efficiency of your AC system through professional coil cleaning and maintenance.

Benefits of Regular AC Air Coil Cleaning

  • Improved Operating efficiency
  • Extends the lifespan of your AC system
  • Prevents the development of grime and dirt
  • Prevents the spreading of bacteria and mold in the air
  • Saves money
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    • AfterAfter