“Hotel Del Coronado has contracted a number of vent cleaning service companies over the years to assist us in maintaining the cleanliness of various kitchen exhaust hoods and ducts. As one can imagine, the Hotel Del Coronado, being a rather prominent historic landmark resort made of wood, takes our fire safety concerns very seriously. Our usual cleaning company had recently completed one of our hood systems and we offered to let Chris and Vent Pros come in to survey it to see what they thought. Suffice it to say, the photos Chris shared with us really opened our eyes to the overall condition inside our vertical stacks above the kitchen hoods. Layers of grease we had not expected to see at all. Chris and the Vent Pros team have done marvelous work for us, greatly easing our minds regarding the fire safety of our kitchen exhaust ducting. We’ve even expanded into the laundry dryer exhaust ducting and now; guestroom AC ducts and exhaust stacks”.

“Staff was diligent, responsive and professional”.

“It is my pleasure to recommend Chris and his staff at Vent Pros to perform required maintenance of any and all kitchen exhausts systems. Chris and his team are dedicated to giving anybody the best service out there, resulting in better performance and effectiveness of your exhaust systems. Ever think about how clean your ducts are deep inside where you can’t see. Well Vent Pros has the solution. They are so determined to do the job right; I was given recommendations to install access doors in various locations to ensure proper cleaning”.

“Before, our previous company did a half-hearted job and weren’t very professional. We realized that the old company was not cleaning all of the system. Vent Pros is much more thorough and professional and their prices are very competitive.”.