Laundry & Bath Exhaust Cleaning

Commercial Laundry Exhaust Cleaning

Our process includes:

  • Disconnecting or cutting access to duct as necessary.
  • Using rotary brushes or compressed air to dislodge lint from inside ducting
  • Larger ducts get hand vacuumed with HEPA filtered vacuums.
  • Inspecting condition of ductwork, turning vanes and fan.
  • Vacuum brushing fans, lint screens and lint collectors.
  • Taking before & after pictures.

Commercial Bath Exhaust Cleaning

Our process includes:

  • Careful inspection of all areas of your exhaust system
  • Selection of the right cleaning solution to ensure the best results
  • Extraction of accumulated debris on the bath venting system
  • Removal and clean of airflow exhaust vents, fan blades, fan ductwork, fan plenum and outside protective screen
  • Rassemblement of the bath exhaust
  • Test the exhaust system
  • Take before & after pictures