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Restaurant Vent Cleaning Services in San Diego

3 Awful Consequences of Dirty Exhaust Systems in Restaurants

Restaurant Vent Cleaning Services in San Diego

Owning or managing a restaurant is a complex enterprise that can be very fun and rewarding, but also very stressful and even dangerous if it’s not properly managed.

One of the main hazards that restaurants can suffer come from dirty or unmaintained kitchen exhausts systems. If you have experienced any of the following symptoms/consequences, you need to keep an eye on your kitchen exhausts and schedule a vent cleaning before it’s too late.

Here are 4 awful consequences of unmaintained exhaust systems:

  1. Bad Smell:

There is one thing that all restaurant managers need to keep in mind. Kitchens are the most important part of your business. Yes, decoration matters, creating a nice and comfortable atmosphere for your diners matter, as well as offering great customer service and serving good food, but all of these aspects should not be as important as having a clean kitchen.

Restaurant kitchens need to be kept clean all the time to avoid spreading out diseases that come from handling food and cooking it.

A great way to keep your kitchen air clean is by cleaning your kitchen exhausts systems. This will remove grease and bacteria particles in the air, and will prevent problems such as bad smells, fire hazards, and bacteria propagation.

  1. Fires

Keeping your restaurant’s kitchen exhaust dirty can be one of the most harmful and dangerous things.

All restaurant exhausts accumulate grease, and when its levels surpass the safety zone, the extractor will likely fail due to the excess of grease accumulation, reducing your kitchen’s air flow dramatically and making it prone to fires.

  1. Poor Performance

The lack of maintenance of your kitchen exhaust systems could cause it to overwork and fail in no time, leaving your business exposed to many complications such as work absence, fire hazards, disgusting smells, unhappy customers, penalties for neglecting the safety regulations and more.

A good habit is to perform a vent cleaning to keep you kitchen exhaust system well maintained, running properly,  and creating a safe and clean cooking environment.

These are just some of the many consequences a lack of maintenance in your kitchen’s vent systems can have, but fortunately, at Vent Pros, Inc., we’re ready to help you prevent, repair or inspect your HVAC systems to keep them working at its best, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to help you with your kitchen exhaust cleaning needs.

Air Duct Cleaning in San Diego

What Are The Advantages of Air Duct Cleaning?

Air Duct Cleaning in San Diego

While many companies comply with air duct cleaning regulations, oftentimes they do it only to prevent getting fined for not doing so, but forget about all the advantages that keeping a healthy indoor environment in the company’s building can provide, but the fact is that proper and regular air duct cleaning can improve all companies in many ways.
Here is a list of some of the advantages of an air duct cleaning:

1. It reduces the chance of suffering from allergies

Studies have shown that one out of every six employees working in a polluted building who suffer from allergies do so because of the high amounts of fungi and bacteria in the air duct systems.
Keeping a good indoor air quality will prevent your employees from suffering from allergies and reduce sick leave.

2. It will keep your HVAC system from failing

Most HVAC systems fail due to the accumulation of dust and dirt inside the vents. Maintaining the air ducts clean will increase the life expectancy of your HVAC systems and will keep them running efficiently.

3. It will increase its efficiency

Air ducts need no more than one millimeter of dirt to decrease their efficiency considerably. Keeping your business air ducts dirty can cause increase your energy bills and lead you to spend more money on maintenance and repairs.

4.  It increases employee productivity

Maintaining good indoor air quality will improve your employee’s health and performance by reducing employee sick leave.

As you can see, there are many advantages of keeping your building’s air ducts clean, but although there are many vent cleaning companies in San Diego, only Vent Pros, Inc. has the experience, professionalism, and commitment required to perform an impeccable IAQ Inspection of your air ducts and the right technicians and equipment to improve the indoor air quality of your business through a complete vent cleaning.

Vent Cleaning Services for Hotels

The Importance of Clean and Fresh Air in Hotels

Vent Cleaning Services for Hotels

Cleanliness, in all aspects, is a must for hotels if they want to maintain a good reputation. Nowadays, with the rise of online reputation management applications like Yelp and/or Tripadvisor, travelers are putting hotels under the microscope, and when it comes to cleanliness, they can be very demanding.

Keeping all areas of the hotel clean is important, but keeping the air your customers breathe clean at all times is critical. There are a number of ways in which a hotel can keep the air fresh and clean, one is opening the windows to let fresh air into the rooms, but this can only be done under certain circumstances, for example, on good weather days. But if the conditions are not optimal and opening doors and windows is not reasonable, you need to find a better alternative.

Keeping your hotel’s air systems clean will help you provide your customers a clean environment on good and bad weather days and it will help you avoid health related issues, besides complying with regulations and security codes.

The benefits of a periodical vent cleaning are many, but here we have listed the most important ones:

  • Preventing customers from suffering allergies and other respiratory diseases
  • Preventing employee sick-leave
  • Preventing fire hazards
  • Keeping your business up to date with safety regulations
  • Extending the life of your business machinery
  • Keeping a healthy environment in the facility
  • Improve guests’ experience
  • Improve staff performance
  • Provide healthy work conditions for employees

What can you do to keep your indoor air clean?

Performing a periodical cleaning of your HVAC/ AC systems will help you keep your hotel’s indoor air clean at all times.

With a routine inspection and cleaning of your HVAC exhausts systems, you can increase or maintain your good reputation, plus saving money on your electric bill and keeping the machines from unexpected and costly breakdowns.

If you’re looking for the best indoor air solutions in San Diego, give us a call. At Vent Pros, Inc. we can provide you with a wide array of commercial HVAC cleaning services to meet all your needs.


The 3 Benefits of Proper A/C Coil Cleaning In Hot Weather

When the weather is hot it is important to have your HVAC systems working well to ensure proper energy efficiency. Oftentimes, we find that business owners/managers don’t assign enough resources to give proper maintenance to indoor air systems, please keep in mind that putting off proper maintenance will result in wasted resources for the company (especially during hot weather).

At Vent Pros, Inc., we firmly believe that inspecting and cleaning your air conditioner coils on a regular basis is one of the most cost-effective things you can do for your business energy efficiency.

Here are 3 benefits of proper coil cleaning:

1. It saves you money

Dirty A/C Coils work harder than necessary to deliver air, which increases your energy usage. However, a clean and well-maintained A/C Coil will work effortlessly, reducing your energy consumption by up to 20% in the hot months, thus saving you money on utility costs.

2. Improves dehumidification:

A clogged evaporator coil can increase compressor airflow, which results in a reduced heat transfer and a degradation of the dehumidification process. This issue can be solved by simply keeping your A/C Coil clean, which will not only improve the air quality in your building but can also help prevent mold and bacteria build up.

3. Increases worker efficiency

Dirty air systems make the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Once the mold and/or bacteria enter the air system, you and your employees are at risk for allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments.

By cleaning your A/C Coils, you are promoting a healthy indoor environment. You and your employees are far less likely to go out on sick leave due to the quality of your air.

At Vent Pros, Inc., we have an experienced team of professionals and all the necessary equipment to clean your air coils Give us a call and schedule your air conditioned coil inspection or cleaning.

Vent Pros Inc. | Commercial Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning

Thank You For Attending Our Aeroseal Hands-On Product Demonstration

All of us at Vent Pros are very excited about the success of our Lunch & Learn event, and we’re very grateful to those who attended and made this possible.

At the event, we had the opportunity to learn through a hands-on demonstration, about how having leaky ducts in commercial buildings can waste energy, compromising the good operation of duct systems, and how Aeroseal can help prevent these problems.

We learned that Aeroseal duct sealing can give businesses many benefits, like saving money on their energy bills reducing duct leakage up to 90%, and time.

We hope you had a great time just like we did, and hope to see you soon!

Vent Pros Inc. | Commercial Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning

Come Join Us this Friday June 5th to Our Aeroseal Product Demonstration!

At Vent Pros we’re very excited to be hosting the “Inside-Out” Duct Sealing with Aeroseal Product Demonstration event, and we’d love you to join us!

Lunch & Learn!

Join us to our catered lunch and learn everything about Aeroseal!

Come see a hands-on demonstration of this new and unique duct sealing process that is revolutionizing the HVAC Industry and enjoy a delicious lunch we’ll provide.

Duct work leakage wastes energy, reduces system capacity and causes serious operational problems. Independent research has confirmed 15% to 30% leakage is common in commercial buildings.

For existing systems, Aeroseal’s automated process eliminates 95% of leakage including duct work in tight, unexposed building locations. For new installations, Aeroseal saves time and labor by sealing large sections of duct work in a single injection, and includes leak test verification at the same time.

Come over and have lunch with us while you learn about the many benefits of using this amazing product!


When & Where?

The event will be held at the SDGE Innovation Center at 4760 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego 92117, Friday June 5th from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, and everyone is welcome to come. Please RSVP for the event. We look forward to having you as our guest!


Enter a Raffle & Win Special Prizes!

Join us at the event and enter a raffle to win a 4 pack of Padres Tickets! The winners will be announced the day of the event, so make sure you don’t miss it!



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Vent Pros Inc. | Commercial Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning

Do You Know All The Services We Offer?

At Vent Pros, Inc., we know how hard it can be for business owners/managers to find a good and reliable company that offers excellent customer service and who provides the assurance that maintenance services will be carried out in a professional manner.

If you don’t know all the services we offer yet, here is a list that will help you learn more about them:

HVAC Cleaning & Refurbishment

hvaccleaningThe HVAC Cleaning & Refurbishment service will allow you to maintain a healthy indoor air environment and save you as much as 20% on your energy bill as a result of A/C coils and sealing ductwork.

Whether it’s cleaning an entire HVAC duct system, coil cleaning, condensate pan coating or insulation repair, at Vent Pros, Inc., our staff will help you improve and maintain a healthier indoor air.

IAQ / Video Inspections


A video inspection is one of the best ways to check the indoor air quality of your building. A specialized video camera is inserted into the ductwork where hidden problems such as torn insulation, clogged turning vanes, disconnected ducts and even microbial contamination can be found.  We also have the capability to take swab samples of the ductwork to a lab for analysis to determine if a substance is hazardous.  Reports are supplied with pictures and video.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing


Did you know that most existing ducts leak on average of 20%?  That means 20% of the air conditioning that you are paying for is used to cool the attic or ceiling space.

Sealing the ductwork not only saves money on energy usage but helps balance the system and reduces indoor air quality issues.  Aeroseal is a patented way of sealing ductwork remotely by injecting a fog of aerosolized particles into a pressured duct system. A computer monitors the pressure leakage as its being sealed.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

kitchen2The NFPA requires most kitchen exhaust systems be cleaned at least quarterly.  Our thorough process includes degreasing and power washing with hot water all of the interior surfaces of the fans, ductwork and hoods.

Before & after pictures are provided after each service to ensure your peace of mind that they are being maintained to safe levels and in compliance with regulations.

Hotel Bath Exhaust Cleaning

beforehotelafterhotelDust buildup in bath exhaust ductwork can significantly reduce exhaust airflow from bathrooms.  This not only causes odors to linger put also increases moisture which in turn could lead to mildew and peeling wall paper.  A regular cleaning can save thousands in frequent repairs.

Commercial Laundry Exhaust Cleaning

beforehotellaundryafterHighly flammable lint buildup is a safety concern for hotels.  The ductwork should be cleaned at least once per year, if not more.  Discounts are given if combined with kitchen exhaust contracts.

Infrared Thermal Imaging


Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections are used to detect problems in many things.  Leaky ducts, over heated motors/bearings, electrical hot spots, and even water leaks.

We repair thermal imaging along with video inspections and our HVAC knowledge to detect problems in ductwork.  Routine inspections of electrical and mechanical components are recommended annually.  Full detailed reports with pictures are provided.

HOA Dryer Vent Cleaning


According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 1998, 15,600 fires were associated to unmaintained clothes dryers.

To help reduce the risk of dryer fires its recommended to clean the dryer vent every 1-2 years.  Our process loosens and removes the lint from the interior surfaces so that the dryer will vent the exhaust air properly.  We have HOA group discounts and have a hassle free way for HOA’s to schedule through our website.

If you’re looking for a professional duct cleaning company to provide excellent air quality maintenance to create an efficient indoor environment, give us a call. At Vent Pros, Inc. we’re always ready to service you!

Vent Pros Inc. | Commercial Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning

New Year, New Website, New Services!

At Vent Pros, Inc. we’re really excited to announce the launching of our new website!

The new changes will allow all visitors to have a better experience while navigating through our website. We have made important changes that go from colors and display to making it responsive, so you can visit us through any mobile device without any inconvenience.

Our website’s content has also been improved. Now, you will be able to find detailed information about the services we offer, as well as a blog section where you will find interesting articles about topics related to our services, an online form to ask for an estimate and more!

We’re also very proud to announce our partnership with Enviro-Care Solutions, Inc. which helps us provide our clients with appropriate solutions to problems such as energy loss, equipment failure, and poor indoor air quality, which will help businesses save energy and reduce equipment breakdowns.

All the changes were made thinking on our customer’s needs. We hope you enjoy our new website, and don’t forget to contact us to submit your comments and questions.

At Vent Pros, Inc. we are committed to assist our clients in achieving a clean, safe, energy efficient indoor environment through education and professional services.