A/C Coil Cleaning


We recently had the opportunity to work with one of our hotel clients in assisting them with their AC Coil cleaning project. The goal was to determine how much more efficient the AC unit would become by simply cleaning the AC coils. We performed a pre-test, measuring air flow, and we performed a post-test in order to verify our results.

The Challenge

The AC units that we were scheduled to clean were floor units inside of our clients’ guest rooms. The AC coils in each unit were filled with dust, dirt, and other debris. The unit had 2 coils that were very close together, making it difficult to clean. Our challenge was to thoroughly clean the coils and inside part of the AC, being particularly careful not to damage any of the sensitive parts of the unit. Our goal was twofold; to increase the air flow efficiency by at least 20%, and to make the air that was flowing through the system, cleaner.

The Solution

We are proud to say that we were able to increase the air flow efficiency by 20-30%. The unit was also producing cleaner air, making for a safer environment for our client’s guests. Here at Vent Pros, we pride ourselves in exceeding our client’s expectations. Let us help you with your next and probably overdue, AC coil cleaning project.

Bottom Line Result

20-30% Increase in Air Flow Efficiency