Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

The kitchen hood is one of the three main components of your kitchen exhaust system. Its main function is to trap grease, smoke and grime to prevent pollutants from escaping your kitchen to the rest of your facility. If a kitchen hood is not properly cleaned, grease and grime will form a sticky substance that’s extremely flammable.

Kitchen hoods need to be thoroughly cleaned from accumulated grease to ensure your kitchen is well maintained at all times. A dirty kitchen hood can lead to fatal consequences for your business and can put your team & customers in danger of a fire emergency.

There are many reasons why we highly recommend having a periodical kitchen hood cleaning:

Clean kitchen hoods will prevent dangerous pollutants from escaping your kitchen and mixing up with your restaurant’s air, lowering its quality, and providing a bad experience for your guests.
As a business you are required by law to comply with several fire standards. Because of that, you need to keep your kitchen hoods and vents clean at all times.
If a restaurant or commercial facility is found violating the fire safety laws, depending on the severity of the case, it can be either fined or shut down.
At Vent Pros, Inc., we know how important it is that all businesses meet the NFPA’s standards, that’s why we work hard to help restaurants and commercial facilities to ensure compliance with required regulations and keep their business safe at all times.